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Taking Care of Our Dogs

Thank you for your support and consideration in sponsoring one of our dogs. GSGSR is an all-volunteer organization. All of our donations go directly to helping rescue German Shepherds throughout New Jersey and the surrounding areas.

The last two years the average cost per dog in our foster program has been over $800 per dog, as we have fostered a number of dogs with special medical needs as well as expanded our use of boarding facilities. When a dog enters our foster program we assume the full cost of all medical treatment. A typical dog pulled from a shelter will receive:

  • An initial vet visit and wellness exam ($15-$50)
  • Updated rabies, bordatella, and distemper shots ($60-$100)
  • If necessary, each dog will be spayed or neutered unless there is a medical condition prohibiting the surgery ($150)
  • Any additional necessary medication or immediate medical treatment (TBD)

Ongoing care for our foster dogs includes:

  • Monthly flea/tick and heart worm medication ($200 for a year for one dog)
  • Feeding and grooming ($45-$60/month)
  • Ongoing medical treatment of any issues (TBD)
  • Boarding fees if a suitable foster home is not available ($100 a month)

GSGSR does not shy away from taking in dogs that have difficult medical needs or senior dogs. Over the years we have had dogs with medical issues including heartworm treatment, cancer treatment, ear canal ablation, broken legs, hip Dysplasia, chronic arthritis, seizures and other treatments.

Your support helps save a German Shepherd from being stuck in a shelter environment. German Shepherds do not do well long term in a shelter setting and in many shelters the large breed dogs are the first to be put down. By law, a shelter is only required to keep a stray dog for seven days. After seven days they can euthanize an animal. When you donate to sponsor a GSGSR dog, please let us know the dog you would like to sponsor and any special message you would like us to include on their web page.


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