Owner Referral Program

Owner Referral Program

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Garden State German Shepherd Rescue understands that there are circumstances that require owners to find a new home for their dog. We offer an owner referral program that provides owners the opportunity to find a loving home for their dogs, while minimizing the trauma and transition to the dog. If your dog is suitable to enter our owner referral program, you can feel comfortable knowing that we do all the work in finding a suitable adopter for your dog.

Requirements To Enter Owner Referral Program

We are a German Shepherd rescue and unfortunately we do not have the resources to take into our program German Shepherd mixes. If you have a mix, please refer to our Other Rescues and Local Shelters pages. Before a German Shepherd can enter our owner referral program, they first must pass our temperament evaluation. We do not take dogs into our owner referral program that show aggression, have poor temperaments or have a known bite history.

We do require that your dog be up to date on rabies before we will meet with him or her. Before being adopted, we also ask that a heartworm test be done within the last six months. Both of these requirements are important. Proof of rabies vaccination is important because it is required by law and we also do not want to risk our volunteers when meeting a dog that is not up to date with a rabies shot. The heartworm test is important, because a potential adopter will want to know that they do not have to worry about the possibility of having to treat a heartworm positive dog.

Prior to being accepted into the owner referral program, we will arrange a time to meet your dog for an evaluation. If your dog passes the evaluation we will enter him in our owner referral program. If he or she does not pass the evaluation we will discuss other options with you.

Entering The Owner Referral Program

Once a dog has entered into our program we will list the dog on our website as a dog available for adoption, just like a dog in our foster program. The dog will stay with you until we find a suitable home. Once a potential adopter has been found we will contact you to set up a meeting with your dog and the potential adopters family. If all goes well we may facilitate the adoption that day or have a second meeting. All of our adopters are thoroughly screened and go through the same adoption process regardless if they are interested in a foster dog or owner referral.


There are many factors that make it difficult for us to predict how long it may take to find your dog a new home. Please remember during the process that we are an all-volunteer organization, we do not have a central facility or any paid staff. We will do our best to work with you in finding a suitable home.

If you would like to begin the process of applying to our owner referral program please fill out an owner referral application.