Age: 6 years
Sex: Male
Size:  Large
Activity Level:  High
Good With Dogs: Yes
Good With Cats: Unsure
Good with Children: Yes

Beau Brummel in history was a gentleman from England who was a superbly fashionable aristocrat who was close friends with the king. He also was instrumental in convincing people that daily bathing was a good thing and it became the norm because of his influence. He became so famous that to be called a “Beau Brummell” was a complement to how well dressed and polished a man could be.

GSGSR is delighted to introduce you all to Beau Brummel the GSD. He is a gorgeous deep chestnut red and black that glows in the sun, and it is matched by his sunny disposition. It is impossible to be bored or lonely with this delightful bruiser begging you to throw the ball. Beau is an active dog and he still has a playful, puppyish side that belies his age (6 years old). Bred in Germany, he is strong and would love a daily running partner. Beau LOVES people, other dogs, and going outside to PLAY BALL. He enjoys swimming at the beach and he has lived with a very small dog who is the boss of the home. If you have an active family that wants a dog you can take with you everywhere.

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